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Update 2016-04-20: Modding Support!

We’re back with a bang and you read it right: the latest update to Wreckfest adds an official vehicle modding support for both single and multiplayer, something that obviously many of you have requested to make Wreckfest an even more thrilling, unique experience. A recipe for awesomeness!

We’re providing you all the tools you need to export your vehicle model from Autodesk 3ds Max and then set it up correctly. The provided TGA to BMAP texture compiler can be used for other modding purposes as well, not just for vehicles. Be aware that since this is the first time ever that mods are officially support by the game it’s very likely that there will be quite a few hiccups along the way to make Wreckfest a robust platform for modding. Please also note that many things will still change and there is no guarantee that your mod will not break in a future update (or every update!).

To create a new mod first you should create a folder under “mods” that will contain your mod data. You can name the folder as you wish, for example ‘mods/MikesPowerMod’, ‘mods/SamsVehiclePack’, and so on are all valid names. You can create as many mod folders as you wish, so it’s definitely a good idea to create an own folder for each mod. The mod folders should have the same structure as the game’s main data folder (so first subfolder will be ‘data’), but only contain edited or new files. After you’ve created your car, you can enable in in the in-game mod manager found in the garage and it will appear in the in-game marketplace (price can be set to 0).

More instructions can be found in the game’s ‘tools’ folder.

Things to note:

  • Provided tools allow exporting car models from 3ds Max and converting them to the game’s format.
  • TGA to BMAP texture compiler is also provided for texture modding.
  • Use included BagEdit editor to modify car’s parts and paramaters.
  • An example Wwise project and a guide for creating your own vehicle sounds can be found in tools/
  • Mod cars give no rewards and are not allowed on leaderboards.
  • You should not edit stuff inside the original ‘data’ folder, rather copy the files you want to edit to your mod folder.
  • Multiplayer requires that server and clients have the same mods enabled (though some things like car skins are excluded as before).
  • Dedicated server can also require mods by configuring mods=some_mod,other_mod.

Other changes and new stuff in the update:

  • Parts no longer wear in multiplayer. As a consequence, multiplayer gives no crew experience and much less money reward.
  • Multiplayer now offers “rental cars” which cost nothing but also give no rewards at all.
  • You can now view server’s welcome message before joining, in the server browser. Feel free to list your required mods there.
  • You can now bring your favorite car to the front of the list by clicking the star icon.
  • Added lobby context menu options to show Steam profile page and open Steam chat for selected player.
  • Fixed Asian 1 shadow.
  • Fixed derby scoring sometimes stopping.
  • Fixed incorrectly set aero drag/torque.

As always, thanks for sticking with us!

Holiday greetings!


It’s almost time to lay down the racing gloves and enjoy the festive spirit, and to show our appreciation for all of you who have been of such an awesome support throughout the year we have a little Christmas present: Throw-A-Santa, a throwback to our early days!

Yes, we’ve got a ramp to pick up speed, a ragdoll Santa in a stylish convertible loaded with presents and a mammoth Christmas tree with a star on top. Can you guess what it means? If you can, you already know the drill: high jump with a car! Can you help Santa reach the top and touch the star? For extra laughs you can also nudge Mr. Claus when he’s up in the air. To see how high you can make it simply locate ‘Next Car Game Sneak Peek 2.0′ in your Steam library, launch it and pick ‘Throw-A-Santa’ when the launcher pops up like a crisp turkey in the Christmas day.

And that’s not all: we’ve also taken the opportunity to update Wreckfest to the latest game version. After the recent onslaught of continuous updates we feel the game is in better shape than ever, so remember, if it’s been a while since you last checked it out be sure to update via Steam and join one of the many multiplayer servers or attack the track offline. Oh, and in addition to improving all-important bits here and there as well as addressing a couple of issues the update contains a fun little Christmas surprise our artists couldn’t resist putting in. Go check it out too!

Happy holidays from our entire team!


New track released!

Only way through...

Holiday season is almost here, and before Santa starts rumbling down the chimney it’s time for a new update for Wreckfest! We’ve been working hard to ensure that you have something new to play with during the holiday season (because we know that’s something you all love to do!), and we’re happy to let you know that the update introduces a work-in-progress version of a new rally-cross type track that we’re working on, offering a yet another dose of explosive neck-to-neck racing in trademark Wreckfest style. Some of you might even recognize the track!

Inspired by the new track we’ve also made some further refinements to our tyre model, guaranteed to give you a more responsive driving feel. Suspension setups were also reworked, and overall the cars are now more balanced and realistic than ever before. To match the physics improvements gamepad and keyboard controls were also reworked, and for the first time ever the Speed Sensitivity setting is working to help you not go over the slip angle of the tyre in order to maximize cornering ability. As always it’s best to start with the default settings and work your way from there.

In other important news we’ve put effort in improving the offline and online performance based on the feedback we’ve received, our dear supporters. The dedicated server performance has been optimized, and we’ve improved grass and shadow rendering performance. In our typical fashion the update also contains a number of other improvements and additions under the hood, such as more user-friendly settings menu.

If it’s been a while since you last check out the game now it’s better time than ever to update your game and take it to the track. During the year the game has seen many updates and it’s been improved dramatically with many new features added and old ones improved. Not only that, but there’s currently a lively online community offering tons of action for both banger racers and gentleman type racing aficionados.

As always, thanks for your support, have a great holiday and see you on the track!

New update: lawn mowers and ragdolls!


We’re pleased to announce that the latest update to Wreckfest is now available on Steam. There’s something that a lot of you have wanted to see make a return, and as our humble way of saying ‘thank-you’ for all the amazing support we’ve received since the start we’ve included a very special event in this update: lawn mower derby with ragdoll physics! So slip into your farming mood and show them who’s the boss!

In addition to the new agricultural playground the update also contains early versions of two new race tracks, a twisty real-world inspired folk-racing track and a high-speed street track, both guaranteed to work wonders for some high-octane racing that’s only possible in our game. In other news this update will also introduce the basics of career gameplay, with parts deteriorating over time, and a marketplace from where to obtain new and better parts for your cars. There are also many more performance parts like gearboxes to choose from and tune your car with. Please note this update will only give you the first taste of the planned career gameplay, with many more features like crew management and repairing scheduled for near future.

We’re also constantly evaluating and improving our vehicle physics, and with the updated tyre model introduced in this update the sensation of grip is significantly more tangible than before. Furthermore the visual damage has been once again enhanced, and cars now deform more like they’re actually made of sheet metal instead of paper or plastic. The update also contains a huge number of other major and minor improvements, many of which have been requested by you, our dear community.

As always, you should receive the latest update automatically via Steam.

Thanks for all the support and see you on the track!

First real track revealed

As you know, Wreckfest is all about recreating a visceral racing experience in total, and realistic environments play a very important role in that. Since we have come to learn that you cannot really create an authentic race track from the top of your head we involve ourselves in regular field trips to local motorsports avenues. One of these little ‘research excursions’ took place a couple of weeks ago when we visited a motorsports center in southern Finland that’s a venue to many exciting motorsports activities, folk-racing in particular. Although we take cues from banger racing and demolition derby, Scandinavian folk-racing has always been our main source of inspiration for the game so a track like this one is a perfect reference for us.


It wasn’t a race day so the track was empty (save for a couple of karting guys doing practice runs) but we didn’t mind it at all since our plan this time was to capture the environment with our digital cameras, the idea being that we could later on use the photographic references captured by us to recreate the track details and various environmental props in-game. However, while shooting all the lovely details on location we came up with a wild idea: what if, instead of just recreating some of the details, we would recreate the complete track in-game? We thought that would be pretty neat so that’s exactly what we did! Here’s a couple of screenshots from the first version:




Real folk-racing tracks are not often seen in games, but we figured something like this specific track would make a perfect match for our kind of rough, bumper-to-bumper folk-racing. As you can see the track is obviously still in early stages of development, but you can already make out the general layout as well as get some idea of the environment. It will take weeks of additional development to get this track to its final polished stage, but as a result you will have a real race track to race around, faithfully recreated in the game.

Our next update will contain a playable prototype of the track so that you can take a sneak peek at it and let us hear your opinion on it. Speaking about the update, it will also contain a feature that many of you have been anxiously waiting for: career gameplay! For the first time ever you will actually have to start from scratch and earn money to buy better cars and parts. The career will still lack many of the planned features but you will already have an opportunity to get a glimpse of what we have in store for you. Many other improvements are also in the pipeline, but more news later!