Latest Updates

Update 2016-06-23

We’re happy to let you all know that the latest update is out! The update contains quite a few improvements, major and minor alike, but the main feature of the update is the new track Sandpit 3 offering high-speed racing through the forested hilly scenery, something that will probably bring back sweet memories of a certain well-known racing game of yesteryear. We love it, and we hope that you too will! In addition to Sandpit 3 the update also adds a Figure 8 layout for Speedway 8, since let’s face it – Figure 8 is like the bread and butter of demolition racing games, and those never get old.

Other than that, we’ve implemented the basics of the our new, more tactical damage system. Vehicles now have chassis health and armor, the latter being visualized with the previously used sector triangles. Think of them as outer panels of the car: the better the condition of the armor the more incoming damage it absorbs, and when the armor condition drops to zero (black), all damage will go directly to lower chassis health. From now on the vehicle is only totaled when chassis health drops to zero. To help you better pick targets the health bars are also now visualized next to the player name in HUD. In future, we will extend the system so that various components such as the suspension of the car can fail.

Please find the full changelog here:

  • Added a new track Sandpit 3 with two layouts (short and long) in both normal and reverse variants.
  • Added a new Figure 8 layout for Speedway 2.
  • Implemented the basics of the new damage system.
  • Health bars are now displayed in the HUD.
  • The vehicle with more speed and mass now has more advantage in collisions, paving way for a more tactical gameplay.
  • Improved Sandpit 2 and Mixed 1 level art.
  • Fixed Sandpit 2 checkpoints.
  • Improved AI racing line in a number of tracks.
  • Improved AI start/racing logic.
  • Reduced AI aggression towards the player.
  • It’s now slightly more difficult to bump the AI off the track.
  • Improved clutter loading speed.
  • Improved gamepad controller.
  • Improved reflection and vehicle paint shader.
  • Fixed a bug with the game being unable to start if more than ten mods have been enabled at some point.
  • Weathers are now scanned similar to tracks, vehicles and parts, so multiple weather mods can co-exist.
  • BagEditor now shows files under Art folder too.

As always, we’re looking forward to your feedback!

Update 2016-05-25

We’re pleased to let you know that the latest update is out! In this update we’ve paid special attention to car-to-car collisions to make them more weighty and dynamic again, and now major crashes will more often result in the cars taking air or flipping over instead of just sliding around. We’ll continue to improve crashes and at this point we’d love to hear what you think; are the cars now flipping over even too easily? Do the crashes feel weighty enough? Are they too hazardous from the player’s perspective?

In the other news we’ve also improved the AI. Not only it’s quicker and more aggressive towards each other and the player but now it also reacts to being bumped into the boot by swerving around and sometimes downright losing control and crashing – how cool is that? :)

Other goodies are included as well with full changelog below.


  • Added the 3Ds Max AI Geom Gen tool which was missing from previous update.
  • Added missing track cameras to Mixed 1 Reverse.
  • Fixed see-through track geometry and improperly placed props on Mixed 2 Reverse.
  • Added PSD templates for menu assets (event icon, loading screen, results screen, car icon) under mod example folders.
  • Increased racing AI aggressiveness: AI is now more inclined to try to ram the player or the other AI drivers if given a chance.
  • Improved racing AI: it’s now faster and drives more loose to give it a more natural edge.
  • Racing AI now reacts to being bumped or rammed by possibly losing control and/or spinning out.
  • Added graphics setting presets Low, Medium, High and Ultra (Settings > Graphics > Presets).
  • Added command line option ‘-disable_mods’ to make troubleshooting easier in case mods are preventing the game from launching properly.

As always, thanks for your support. Please keep the feedback coming in!

Update 2016-05-20: Steam Workshop Support + Track Modding

We’re happy to let you know that the latest update adds full Steam Workshop support to Wreckfest! Thanks to the Steam Workshop support we will have one centralized hub for all the custom content created by our exceptional community, and enjoying it is as easy as it gets: simply browse the workshop and subscribe to the mods that you want to, after which they will be automatically downloaded and appear in the in-game mod manager. The best part is that Steam will automatically take care of keeping your subscribed mods up-to-date so all that’s left for you is to enjoy them! And if you’re a mod author, sharing your creations to the masses has never been easier: simply click a button in Bag Editor, and your mod is uploaded to the workshop, ready to be downloaded and enjoyed. For more information on publishing your mods on Steam Workshop please see readme.txt in the tools folder.

To visit our new, shiny Steam Workshop click here.

And wait, there’s more: track modding support! Yes, it’s something that has been requested by many and sure enough, the latest update also adds all the necessary tools for you to create your own tracks. No matter whether you want to create an F1 circuit or a drifting course, it’s all now possible. To get you started we have included a collection of example assets in mods/example/track.

Speaking about modding tools, in case you haven’t noticed our awesome community member Dummiesman has created a Blender plugin to export game specific models from the popular free and open source modeling application Blender, eliminating the need for 3ds Max. The most up-to-date version of the plugin is available on our community forum here.

As always, please let us hear in case of any boo-boo. Thanks for your support!


  • Initial Steam Workshop support. Subscribed mods will appear in the in-game mod manager after they’ve been downloaded. See tools/Readme.txt for guidance on how to upload your mod to Steam Workshop.
  • Track modding support. All custom track data is stored in the mod’s data/track folder. See mods/example/track for two example tracks (minimal and a more complete one) as well as tools/track_modding.doc for additional info on how to create your own.
  • Improved Mixed 1 track art and added a reverse variant.
  • Improved Sandpit 2 geometry and added more gameplay props.
  • Added a reverse variant for Mixed 2.
  • Fixed server browser crashing with custom tracks.
  • Retuned car-to-car collisions.
  • AI is now faster in tight curves.
  • Player starting car is now C class.
  • Improved Bag Editor with little bits here and there.
  • AI names can now be customized by editing data/property/career/ai_names.txt (UTF-8).

Update 2016-05-04

The latest update to Wreckfest is now available with following changes:

  • Implemented a better file duplication tool
  • Added a rename tool which also patches references to the renamed file
  • Added an autosave option
  • Added a reset option that reverts modded file to the original (vanilla) state.
  • References to other bag files are now handled more intelligently
  • Cleaned up old unused properties from some file formats
  • Added an undo stack to some less-often used attribute types
  • Sliders are now displayed for more parameters. Sliders can also be enabled by the user by defining limits (right-click on the parameter and select ‘Limits & Comment’).
  • + and lots of other small tweaks.
  • Server moderators can now change event settings but not server name, welcome message or password.
  • Admin in dedicated server lobby can now start the event in a similar fashion than on servers hosted in-game. No change in behavior if no admins are present.
  • You can now display active bans in dedicated server console with ‘bans’ command and unban people with ‘/unban X’.
  • Also added commands ‘/bansteamid [numerical steam id]‘ and ‘/unbansteamid [numerical steam id]‘ for modifying ban list.
  • SteamIds in banlist.banl can now be edited with Bag Edit. Note that since the dedicated server does not use your Steam account, it has a separate ban list located in ‘%LOCALAPPDATA%/wreckfest early access’.
  • Host can still view and lift regular server’s bans through lobby’s context menu.
  • Added error messages and/or fixed crashes with improperly set vehicle mods.

As always, thanks for your support!

Update 2016-04-20: Modding Support!

We’re back with a bang and you read it right: the latest update to Wreckfest adds an official vehicle modding support for both single and multiplayer, something that obviously many of you have requested to make Wreckfest an even more thrilling, unique experience. A recipe for awesomeness!

We’re providing you all the tools you need to export your vehicle model from Autodesk 3ds Max and then set it up correctly. The provided TGA to BMAP texture compiler can be used for other modding purposes as well, not just for vehicles. Be aware that since this is the first time ever that mods are officially support by the game it’s very likely that there will be quite a few hiccups along the way to make Wreckfest a robust platform for modding. Please also note that many things will still change and there is no guarantee that your mod will not break in a future update (or every update!).

To create a new mod first you should create a folder under “mods” that will contain your mod data. You can name the folder as you wish, for example ‘mods/MikesPowerMod’, ‘mods/SamsVehiclePack’, and so on are all valid names. You can create as many mod folders as you wish, so it’s definitely a good idea to create an own folder for each mod. The mod folders should have the same structure as the game’s main data folder (so first subfolder will be ‘data’), but only contain edited or new files. After you’ve created your car, you can enable in in the in-game mod manager found in the garage and it will appear in the in-game marketplace (price can be set to 0).

More instructions can be found in the game’s ‘tools’ folder.

Things to note:

  • Provided tools allow exporting car models from 3ds Max and converting them to the game’s format.
  • TGA to BMAP texture compiler is also provided for texture modding.
  • Use included BagEdit editor to modify car’s parts and paramaters.
  • An example Wwise project and a guide for creating your own vehicle sounds can be found in tools/
  • Mod cars give no rewards and are not allowed on leaderboards.
  • You should not edit stuff inside the original ‘data’ folder, rather copy the files you want to edit to your mod folder.
  • Multiplayer requires that server and clients have the same mods enabled (though some things like car skins are excluded as before).
  • Dedicated server can also require mods by configuring mods=some_mod,other_mod.

Other changes and new stuff in the update:

  • Parts no longer wear in multiplayer. As a consequence, multiplayer gives no crew experience and much less money reward.
  • Multiplayer now offers “rental cars” which cost nothing but also give no rewards at all.
  • You can now view server’s welcome message before joining, in the server browser. Feel free to list your required mods there.
  • You can now bring your favorite car to the front of the list by clicking the star icon.
  • Added lobby context menu options to show Steam profile page and open Steam chat for selected player.
  • Fixed Asian 1 shadow.
  • Fixed derby scoring sometimes stopping.
  • Fixed incorrectly set aero drag/torque.

As always, thanks for sticking with us!

Holiday greetings!


It’s almost time to lay down the racing gloves and enjoy the festive spirit, and to show our appreciation for all of you who have been of such an awesome support throughout the year we have a little Christmas present: Throw-A-Santa, a throwback to our early days!

Yes, we’ve got a ramp to pick up speed, a ragdoll Santa in a stylish convertible loaded with presents and a mammoth Christmas tree with a star on top. Can you guess what it means? If you can, you already know the drill: high jump with a car! Can you help Santa reach the top and touch the star? For extra laughs you can also nudge Mr. Claus when he’s up in the air. To see how high you can make it simply locate ‘Next Car Game Sneak Peek 2.0′ in your Steam library, launch it and pick ‘Throw-A-Santa’ when the launcher pops up like a crisp turkey in the Christmas day.

And that’s not all: we’ve also taken the opportunity to update Wreckfest to the latest game version. After the recent onslaught of continuous updates we feel the game is in better shape than ever, so remember, if it’s been a while since you last checked it out be sure to update via Steam and join one of the many multiplayer servers or attack the track offline. Oh, and in addition to improving all-important bits here and there as well as addressing a couple of issues the update contains a fun little Christmas surprise our artists couldn’t resist putting in. Go check it out too!

Happy holidays from our entire team!